TrainMonitor – A set of python script to download and process data of Italian railways site


TorApplet is a simple GNOME applet for managing and monitoring the basic activities of the Tor daemon.

WP GoogleStats

WP-GoogleStats is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display when and how often Googlebot crawls your pages.

  • Download and docs: page
  • Current version: 0.1
  • License: GNU/GPL

WP plink redirect

This WordPress plugin translates old-style b2 permalinks (like index.php?p=100 for single posts and index.php?m=200502 for monthly archives) in 301-redirects to new-style WP permalinks (/date/post-title/ for single posts and /year/month/ for monthly archives).


aupcheck helps you to monitor your NGI F4 Flat Internet connections.


b2atom provides an ATOM feed for b2-based weblogs.

Slackware packages

Some slackware packages I built.

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