A C# implementation of the OpenPGP Web Key Directory (WKD), a service to locate OpenPGP keys by mail address using a Web service and the HTTPS protocol.


A set of python script to download and process data of Italian railways site ViaggiaTreno


A PyCrypto fork, it contains my own implementations of Keccak and Salsa20

PGP analysis

A set of programs to perform statistical analysis over the OpenPGP keyring.

WP GoogleStats

A WordPress plugin that allows you to display when and how often Googlebot crawls your pages.

This programs below are obsolete and no more useful, except for historical or educational purposes.

aupcheck (2003)

A program to monitor NGI F4 Flat Internet connections.

TorApplet (2005)

A tentative to write a simple GNOME 2 applet for managing and monitoring the basic activities of the Tor daemon.